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Minimally invasive surgery is assuming a prominent position in healthcare, and laparoscopy is emerging as an important alternative to open surgery in every field of medicine. Greenwood Urological is proud to be able to offer hand-assisted laparoscopy to our patients.

Hand-assisted laparoscopy is a new technique that reduces the technical challenge of standard laparoscopy, reduces operating time, and allows removal of a tumor-bearing organ through a small incision. The technique can be used for surgery on the kidney and adrenal gland.

During standard laparoscopy, a camera and surgical instruments are placed in the abdomen through separate incisions each about half an inch long. During hand-assisted laparoscopy, the surgeon's non-dominant hand is placed in the abdomen through another incision about 3-4 inches long. The surgeon's dominant hand uses the laparoscopic instruments to dissect tissue and clip blood vessels. The hand in the abdomen works in concert with the hand bearing the laparoscopic instruments to provide quicker and safer tissue dissection and control of blood vessels.

An operation on the adrenal gland or kidney using the hand-assisted laparoscopic technique takes about 2-4 hours to complete. The patient usually leaves the hospital in 2-3 days and returns to normal activity in 2-4 weeks. Thus, laparoscopy has several benefits, which include reduced analgesic use, decreased length of hospital stay, less scarring, and a shorter recovery period.


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